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The members of the Pragaash band. Photograph by Shuaib Masoodi for The Indian Express In Kashmir- a disputed region, the first girls’ rock band performed in public during a “Battle of Bands”, in the capital city Srinagar, on December 22, 2012- hosting different local bands. Two days after the performance, the band members started receiving threats and abuses on social networking sites. Since then they have remained away from the public glare and have been told by their families not to talk about music anymore. The band named Pragaash meaning “from darkness to light” in Kashmiri, has Farah Deeba as

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The revolutionary rapper from Kashmir, Roushan Illahi aka MC Kash who sings rap songs, mostly related to Kashmir conflict, says, “I took up to something that I couldn’t just leave on the shelf. I couldn’t let my feelings rot. I had to record no matter what. So, they won’t let me record? It’s cool. I will come back tomorrow.” Roushan received international attention during the 2010 Kashmir unrest, when 115 protestors including several teenagers, were killed in police and paramilitary action. He released a song called I Protest (Remembrance), which he says was inspired by “Too many, sixty five of

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Before the advent of broadcasting service in Jammu and Kashmir in 1947, the print media was broadly confined to the coverage of current affairs and occasional literary and other social subjects. In fact, they were going through lean years due to various restrictions imposed on the freedom of expression by the authoritative rule. As the sub-continent was faced by turbulent situation created by the emergence of two sovereign dominions, a faster medium was envisaged and contemplated. Broadcasting brought in a quick but revolutionary change in the aptitude and attitudes of the people. After successfully commissioning a radio station at Jammu

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In an interview with Fazil Qayoom, Sheikh Fayaz – one of the pioneers of Valley’s Chakkri singers, talks about this traditional melodic folk song of Kashmir and also makes some proposals for regaining the lost glory of the Chakkri. Sheikh Fayaz FQ: What makes the Chakkri distinct from the other forms of Kashmiri music? SF: The Chakkri depicts the melodic tradition of folk music that evolved in the Kashmir Valley many decades back. It truly upholds the cultural heritage of Kashmir. Earlier these songs used to be sung only at nights during marriage ceremonies but now we perform it on

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Without music, life would be an error- Fredrich Nietzsche History is witness to the powerful influences exerted by music on human civilizations. Music, in fact, has always helped make us human. Transcending the barriers of culture, race and creed, music not only plays an important role to tie us in a single vast human family but even contribute in the processes of nation building. In Kashmir, the music that has resonated within these picturesque valleys has always connected us in our joy and in grief. For centuries, Music in our land was not merely a tool for entertainment but an