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By Feroz Rather Raindrops of love at dawn, a song of dove on your lips,  and me and you half buried in a yellow evanescence of sands, holding (epochs in our) hands by the sea.   Frozen crusts of Time, countless clocks clattering behind me an apocalyptical chime.   Naked in the blue rivers of Kashmir she bathes, her veins burbling with blood, fish, stones, winged slogans, a raging flood soaring soaring soaring until the promise and rain of freedom…   Alone, through the smoke and rubble of a distant village now asleep by a snow-hill she walks, to the

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You stole away with furtive gait, O lover of flowers, my sweetheart! Stay, O stay, my only love! O wizard, why must you leave me thus? Tell me how I shall survive. Since I saw you in my prime, And stood dazed, bewitched, distracted, I’ve been weeping out my heart. I’m waiting for you on the mountain, Dropping scalding tears of blood. Can you escape the guilt, my love? Love brought me only infamy. I became the talk of the town, With rivals slinging mud at me. A mynah without her mate, All night till dawn I cry, For you

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My love provides this desert with Your lovely hair’s luxuriant shade. Time and gain your memory Knocks wildly at the door of my heart. Who would for ages live alone? — It’s not with that wish we were born. When the wind had idle sport with the lamp, Trembling seized the lights of heaven. Being helpless, for the mind lives close, The heart put a lid on its agony. Hate never will know softened lips; Love is blest with streams of tears. Old goblets are too small for thought — I wish some better form were found, Else I might

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That shriek! How penetrable the siren is! It Pierces  my heart. First shriek! Two shrieks are yet to come -the second will be louder than the first and the third louder still. The  Siren sounds  of textile mill coming one after the  other ring their loudest  with these shrieks   long columns  of smoke  trailing from high chimneys of  these mills the air choke  with  smoke  forming like a dense formless jumble leaving  the sky shrouded in a  dense haze. I am sleeping on the roof top of this fourth floor building; here too the air is  full of smoke, smoke