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Once again the Jammu and Kashmir police have attacked the press in Kashmir. A journalist, Azhar Qadri, working with The Kashmir Tribune, part of...

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As long as sub-editors cum government servants continue to rule Kashmir journalism, we will continue to lose promising journalists to the government. This long...

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Story by: Beena Sarwar | Pakistan Summary A video report on Milne Do, an emotional meeting between Pakistani and Indian Kashmiris. What do people from Kashmir...

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One forms a perspective based on two things: what one gets to see, and one’s own sense of reasonability, sensibility and logic. Quite often,...

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The year 2008 was not much good for journalists as they had to work in tough situations and more roughness was added by the...

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The Delhi-based Kashmiri Journalist, Mohammad Umar Baba who writes under the byline Baba Umar has bagged the best ‘humanitarian Reporting Award 2011’ award in...


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