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Once again the Jammu and Kashmir police have attacked the press in Kashmir. A journalist, Azhar Qadri, working with The Kashmir Tribune, part of the Indian national newspaper, Tribune, was beaten to pulp and later detained by the police. He was covering a protest by paramedic students outside the Old Secretariat in Srinagar Kashmir. This is not first time that the police have beaten up a journalist or detained while on work. A news website quoted a journalist who was accompanying Qadri that they started taking quotes from the girls who were protesting and the two bodyguards of a top

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As long as sub-editors cum government servants continue to rule Kashmir journalism, we will continue to lose promising journalists to the government. This long era of government journalism in the Valley has to end, says NASEER A GANAI Try to interact with journalists working with local newspapers in Srinagar, and you will come to know how harsh, conditions are in the newsrooms of Kashmir. It is so bad that every young, capable and honest journalist wants to run away from these newsrooms. It is not that they don’t have any passion for journalism, or they don’t love the job, or

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Gowhar Bhat, a journalist, was beaten up by police in Lal Chowk, Srinagar in 2010 when he was covering a street protest. One forms a perspective based on two things: what one gets to see, and one’s own sense of reasonability, sensibility and logic. Quite often, in the case of many, it is the lack of both. The ideas and opinions I hold of Kashmir today are based on what I have seen, mostly from afar, and the sense that I have tried to make of it. Most of these have been from the point of view of a journalist

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The year 2008 was not much good for journalists as they had to work in tough situations and more roughness was added by the restrictions imposed by the government. Curfew passes were cancelled, even when a senior journalist came out from his home to get his new curfew pass as it was announced on Radio he was beaten up. Another incident was when a local journalist was asked by Central Reserve Police Forces ‘why is he moving in curfew?’ And as he told them he has a curfew pass he was asked to show it. He showed and the CRPF

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Baba Umar receiving the award. The Delhi-based Kashmiri Journalist, Mohammad Umar Baba who writes under the byline Baba Umar has bagged the best ‘humanitarian Reporting Award 2011’ award in the All India Journalist Competition for the best print media article on humanitarian issues. The awards are instituted by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Press Institute of India (PII) for articles published in an Indian national or regional newspaper or magazine in English or any of the Indian languages. It is the first time that a Kashmiri journalist has won this award. Baba, who is currently