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By Umar Lateef Misgar and Khalid Fayaz She called her friend, Sahil, and told him about the chemist who had slid his phone number into her packet of potions. Her eyes closed but a vestige of hope bloomed in her.“You should have informed your mother so she could have taken a mature reaction against the chemist”, replied the friend. He added, “Women are naturally weak and their best protectors are their parents, not friends, because society is negative and friends take decisions based on impulse, which usually proves to be counterproductive. But if you insist, I will batter him down

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By Saba Firdous ‘Ammi apke haath se khoon beh raha hai hai’ (Mother, your hand is bleeding!), yelled little  Aamina  as she entered  her   house  and saw  blood  oozing  from her mother, Haleema’s hand.  Within seconds, Aamina bandaged Haleema’s hand, all the while tears pouring from her eyes. ‘Mai theek hun beti,’ (I am fine, daughter.) said Haleema, knowing well how sensitive her daughter was. However, all this was nothing new for Aamina as she had been witnessing these events since her childhood. Aamina was only eight when she had started working in local households along with her mother. She