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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) has stated that within a week the party will come up with the list of candidates to be fielded in the Assembly polls 2014. AIP General  Secretary Nazir Ahmad Malik stated that working committee meet would be soon convened in this regard and the list of party candidates would be made public. “This is our electoral debut in the Assembly Elections  as party and we hope to perform exceedingly well with the support of people. Honest, credible and  popular personalities would be fielded as party candidates keeping in view the sentiments and urge for better representatives

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It used to be that whenever someone would ask me where I was from, I’d tell Kashmir. Depending on the listening party, there was a good likelihood of my enduring flak over the admittance. And then the political conversations that came as added baggage. Hardly something I enjoyed dealing with upon every introduction. It’s much easier to simply cop out and say ‘Texas’ than to get pulled into a mire of endless debating and arguing. Frankly, I no longer care. It makes no difference to me the various argument put up by opposing parties. What’s the point? By taking out

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By Fahad Shah A still from Sophie Scholl- The Final Days It is not disheartening to hear that a good number of students were in the Convocation Hall of Kashmir University, on Monday, to interact with the Congress poster-boy, Rahul Gandhi— the General Secretary of the party. There is something which is hard to make them understand. They joined him, thinking that he may listen to and solve their grievances. But when his great-grandfather, grandmother, father didn’t listen to Kashmiris for decades then what are you expecting from him? A revolution! While talking to journalists he said: “I have come