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Abdul Sattar Ranjoor was a beloved poet, an honest politician and a fearless revolutionary. He was also my Dadaji (grandfather). His integrity and intelligence commanded the respect of Kashmiris, especially peasants and workers, whose interests he championed through his poetry and politics. When he spoke, people listened, even those higher up in society. Time and time again, he used his influence to bring solace to the downtrodden. He opened his heart and his home to the people of Kashmir. His residence was an open courthouse; when people couldn’t acquire justice in actual courts they would come to him. He would

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Street O street, I walk through my day to you. With my sorrows clichéd, tied to yours. Step by step I meet your friends of dissemblance. Cause of peace lost in dust of your hair. Smooth desires of roughness on your skin. Joined with the promenade soul who desires not. I desire to be with you, O My Endless Friend. I will think on every pore of your distressed body. Yet my speech of sense has gone for a walk, Left nor right I may find you resting. But like a dead arrow in air pointing straight, I came from