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Residue.  Author: Nitasha Kaul;  Rupa Publications.  Pages: 324.  Price: Rs 343 The world of exile has spawned literature of various hues. Residue, the debut novel of academic, poet and author Nitasha Kaul is an important contribution to the literary works on exile, providing a rare insight into the prejudices, inhibitions and the litany of woes associated with it. Like the author herself, the protagonists of the novel are Kashmiris who grow up outside of Kashmir. Leon Ali is born in Kashmir but grows up in Delhi. Named after the revolutionary Trotsky by a Communist father who vanishes just before his

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Clouds of odorous smoke billowed out from under the two iron channels where the shutter of Ab Jaan’s waan fit. Not presuming it to be very hot, Ab Jaan singed his fingers when he touched the shutter. The paint on the signboard above the shop was blistered, the brightly lettered sign ‘GR JOO GENERAL STORE’ beginning to flake off. He slipped a giant claw hammer under the shutter to jimmy it and pry it open. The shop was full of sourly pungent smoke. The bars of soap stacked on one of the shelves had melted; the packets of salt and