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This year, The Kashmir Walla, will complete three years of its journey. With a small team, we took a step of going beyond the established dominating mass-media structures and to make it a reality – that there can be a new face of journalism. Our presence, in this corporate dominated fabric of journalism, and the impact it created in all these years is testament to what independent journalism aspires. Below, we bring you some of the stories from 2013.   “Roller over legs, dipped in chilli-water, forced to drink acid” By Muheet ul Islam “In the beginning they kept me naked

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The Jammu and Kashmir police beating up Shahid Tantray, photojournalist, while he was covering stone throwing in Srinagar on November 25, 2011. Shahid was detained also. By Shahid Tantray [I] have been thinking about writing this for a while now. Yes, it’s not from any huge disasters but among one of my harsh experiences. Experiences in Kashmir where I report from. Yes! Kashmir. I am a photojournalist from Indian administered Kashmir, but before anyone starts to think what’s a big deal to work as a photojournalist in Indian administered Kashmir as many photojournalists have even worked in Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan,

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By Ishfaq Ahmad Shah News is an obtainable version of truth and as a student of journalism I learnt that it is a crime if we, intentionally or unintentionally, hide the truth or a part of the obtained truth. A good journalist will try to highlight all the versions of an issue that concerns a particular section of the society. Recently, a senior journalist from Kashmir and a good friend, Naseer Ganai did a literal post-mortem of issues concerning the young journalists of the Kashmir valley in the article, “Young journalists should fight for their rights” published on The Hoot

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“Young journalists should fight for their rights” As long as sub-editors cum government servants continue to rule Kashmir journalism, we will continue to lose promising journalists to the government. By Naseer Ganai Response to the above article (via The Hoot) I believe there is a mafia wearing the robes of journalists and editors who want people to close their eyes to the moral degradation surrounding and devouring us. It needs to be cleared up. My fears are founded on the fact that I worked and interact with a number of people associated with this profession. I know many of them

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A parcel bomb blast in Srinagar office of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) changed the life of its then correspondent, Yusuf Jameel. He still sits in the same office but never dares to sit in the same room where he lost his friend in the blast. Jameel was born in 1958, started his career as a writer when he was in college. He used to write for his college magazine Aabshaar (in Urdu), of which he later became an editor. He was a regular contributor to Khaleej Times, Blitz (Bombay) and Munsif (Hyderabad) before joining a local daily Aftaab as