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1. Sundried Turnips with Lamb (Gogjje-aare ti Maaz) Apart from being stunningly beautiful, and green, and lush, and surrounded by towering mountains, with lakes and rivers and springs everywhere, Kashmir is also a place where  winters can be pretty harsh. Lots of snow, freezing cold – so basically nothing grows for about 3-4 months. Which sort of explains our fixation with meat – mostly lamb. But it also explains the fabulous variety of sun-dried vegetables that are staples during the winter months. Tomatoes, marrow, aubergines, turnips – we basically sun dry everything that grows during the summer for the long,

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Tao Cafe in Srinagar. Photograph by Shahid Tantray The valley of Kashmir has seen tremendous growth in tourist industry being a popular tourist destination. Although, it is engulfed with the ongoing conflict but even within that the visitors flock to the valley and lately a new trend of café culture in the summer capital, Srinagar, has been flourishing. Several new places are converted into cafe – be it a place to eat wazwaan or have a coffee. Not only this, several fast food joints have been opened, with a few following KFC or McDonalds style. In the city centre Lal