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It has been twenty-five years since the armed rebellion started in Kashmir when the youth from the region travelled across Line of Control and returned as trained armed rebels to fight the Indian forces. The disputed region Jammu and Kashmir is unsolved till date as the people have been demanding right to self-determination. Both India and Pakistan – the two nuclear power countries claim the region as their “integral part” and “jugular vein” respectively. During this intense period of fighting between the rebels and the forces that still continues, as per the human rights organisations’ records, around 100,000 people have

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An elderly Kashmiri lady walks past the caricatures of the disappeared persons during a protest by Association of the Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) in Srinagar. Photograph by Habib Naqash/GK   With the world celebrating Mother’s Day on May 11, Kashmir and its mothers have reason to mourn as seven mothers have died in the past five years – waiting for their sons who left home and never returned. According to the details available with Kashmir News Service, while protesting for the whereabouts of their beloved ones, ten parents including seven women have breathed last in past five years. The

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The night’s ghosts came prowling down All geared in a khaki gown Wielded upon by a ghost with a frown   Walloped and whacked my door that midnight O horrible! My heart drubbed in fear At the ghost’s monstrous eyes   Fear I had, for my family that was. My only son- the crown of my head, The moon in my dreams!   The khaki ghost saw its prize Pushing, pulling and dragging While I kept trying, begging and beseeching.   Whilst I, a hole in my heart now Days to months; and months to years Nothing sufficed the khaki