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Kashmir is the beauty of Dal Lake at sunset: the friendly shikarawalas, the mesmerized tourists and the houseboats with cheesy names. It is children slurping away at their softies. It is a family sitting around a trami, eating wazwan. It is picnics at Pahalgam, towering mountains and the sound of gushing streams. It is nomads herding their sheep. It is bakarkhanis, samovars and noon chai. It is golden leaves on chinar trees. It is Muslims and Hindus praying side by side at the Baba Reshi shrine. It is paradise on earth. Not only this, though. Kashmir is also barbed wire,

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Shahmali Begum : Mother of Maqbool Butt. From the series- “Revolution: Still in Labour Pain.” Acrylics on Canvas 30″ x 24″ Using portrait as a medium I am trying to re-discover mothers who gave birth to revolutionaries. Women – less celebrated, less remembered – who have been the backbone of movements that uphold human values and reject unjust occupations. We celebrate the heroes and celebrate their death as a symbol of our victory and continuation of a fight for truth, but we fail to celebrate the decay of these Mothers. What better place to start other than home – Kashmir.