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  By Syed Aqeel [W]hen the air carries smokes of gunpowder filled with the rattling of gun fire, eyes sometimes seek the coolness of beauty and the depths of human emotions. The burden of carrying the weapon of death sometimes is interrupted by the ecstasy of loneliness. That in return seeks refuge in the eyes of some beautiful face. While escaping from the pursuit, Gul Mohammad* in his teens with his non-stop breathlessness enters Laila’s* house to seek refuge from the heavy boots of pursuants, encounters a dashing focus of two beautiful eyes focused on him and his associates.  

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Eleventh February is remembered as Maqbool Butt’s death anniversary. Every year demonstrations are held in many parts of world. His followers and the people of Kashmir demand the return of his remains from Tihar Jail, where he is buried, to Kashmir. Kashmiri groups, on both sides of the dreaded line of control and all over the world, remember him well. After five years Young men in early twenties, and some younger than that crossed over to Pakistan-held Kashmir in late eighties to return as armed guerrillas and started the armed movement in Kashmir. Yasin Malik was one among them who

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Maqbool Butt By P G Rasool Regarding the revolutionary struggle, Eqbal Ahmad writes in Confronting Empire, “A strategy of moral isolation assumes that the adversary has based its own legitimacy on moral grounds.” For Eqbal Ahmad the strategy of moral isolation of the adversary counts high. In retrospect we can analyse the life and sacrifice of Muhammad Maqbool Butt in this context. Maqbool Butt may not have achieved the complete moral isolation of the Indian State but he definitely has thrown an everlasting moral challenge to it and he himself stands morally on highground. Since Indian state as whole is