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Karl Marx Karl Marx died on 14 March 1883 and was buried three days later at Highgate cemetery in north London. Every year a small group make their way to the cemetery to mark the death of Marx with a socialist speech. Somehow it is always images from the final period of his life that we find with us today. It is Marx, the imposing man with a beard who spent his time studying in the British Museum, that is remembered. However, with demonstrations in Seattle and even London echoing Marx’s thoughts about getting rid of capitalism altogether, perhaps we

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By Raj Charles Imran It all started on a day, a day, a young Black man, a man named Mark Duggan, Was shot by police, Under a pre-planned, Operation-Trident as they call it Meant to investigate Africans and Caribbeans. And thus created sensation for unfair targets. The police, the real-goons stopped, the minicab, Mark was travelling in, shot him, Yes they brutally shot him. and worst came when they gave no explanation. Can’t forget this is what led to riots, Yes, the brutality led to riots, Take cases of brutality throughout; Remember the cops attacking teenagers in Manchester. The poor

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By Basarath Hassan Common connotation of politics is no lesser than a devil incarnation. Generally, politics is conceptualized and perceived as evil and something immoral, depraved, trashy, and done for massive selfishness. But equally momentous is a kind of discourse that is generated to rationalize rampant and scandalous ideologies. Politics at times could be seen as a way of life, but the question is why its narration is being politicized. Here by politicization I mean negative repercussion. With every passing day politics is gaining wider currency. From local Panchayat to national assembly, research centres to religious institutions, marriage ceremonies to