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An explosion rocked near the Justice Ministry building, in the central part of the Afghan capital of Kabul on Tuesday, leaving six dead and many injured. The explosives packed in a Toyota Corolla car were detonated in the parking area of the Ministry of Justice’s offices in PD2 district. According to Afghan news channel Tolo, at least 5 people are believed to have been killed and 42 wounded in the blast. The number of casualties are expected to rise as many of those injured are reportedly in critical condition. The spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, Ismail Kahossi, said

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Six months after the formation of Afghanistan’s National Unity Government, security remains the number one concern in Kabul. But while relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have improved, internal divisions threaten the weak coalition. Mark Mistry assesses the status quo.

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani at a meeting in Panjshir Province, Afghanistan on July 5, 2011. (Photograph by S.K. Vemmer/Department of State) Numerous attacks over the past few weeks have signalled the beginning of the traditional summer ‘fighting season,’ with the Taliban making its presence felt throughout the country. Scores have been killed and injured, including in the capital, Kabul, where the remaining expatriates cower behind their blast walls and obey the strict instructions of their security advisers not to venture outside. For citizens, life is bleak, with the United Nations reporting 2014 as the deadliest since it began recording civilian

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Markus Obstmeier in Kabul. Some may say the world is huge, others claim the world is small but what is certain is that it is treasurable with all its diversity. With travel it is more accessible to people and far flung places are now more reachable for people. I travel extensively as learning from different cultures enriches me the most. One country and culture that has long held my curiosity due to its rich ancient history, wild and untamed landscapes, mountain ranges, different ethnic groups and its mixed history of eastern and western influence is Afghanistan. The central Asian land

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In this interview, The Kashmir Walla, speaks to the Director and Editor-in-Chief of The Kabul Times Daily, Hamidullah Arefi, who is based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Arefi speaks about the recent elections, effect of Pakistan’s internal conflicts on the country’s political scenario and also the rising threats of foreign invasions, in past or in future. Hamidullah Arefi Can you tell us about this year’s elections, its current standing and about the acceptance of political Taliban members being in the parliament? We have passed two rounds of elections successfully with the high turnout of voters. It was a move toward institutionalization of