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The Jammu and Kashmir police beating up Shahid Tantray, photojournalist, while he was covering stone throwing in Srinagar on November 25, 2011. Shahid was detained also. By Shahid Tantray [I] have been thinking about writing this for a while now. Yes, it’s not from any huge disasters but among one of my harsh experiences. Experiences in Kashmir where I report from. Yes! Kashmir. I am a photojournalist from Indian administered Kashmir, but before anyone starts to think what’s a big deal to work as a photojournalist in Indian administered Kashmir as many photojournalists have even worked in Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan,

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Azhar Qadri taken away by police in Srinagar. By Fahad Shah [I]n the middle of the nineteenth century, a newspaper was started in Germany. Rheinische Zeitung was launched in January 1842 and edited by the famous Karl Marx. It was during the Prussian government of which the paper was critical and the Prussian state terminated it in March 1843. Due the political line of the paper it was demanded that it should tone down its voice. This led Marx, who was a philosopher, economist, historian, journalist and a sociologist, resign as its editor on 17 March 1843. Later after two

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The year 2008 was not much good for journalists as they had to work in tough situations and more roughness was added by the restrictions imposed by the government. Curfew passes were cancelled, even when a senior journalist came out from his home to get his new curfew pass as it was announced on Radio he was beaten up. Another incident was when a local journalist was asked by Central Reserve Police Forces ‘why is he moving in curfew?’ And as he told them he has a curfew pass he was asked to show it. He showed and the CRPF

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Detained journalist has been released: SP North By Fahad Shah Photojournalist Shahid Tantray beaten up. Photo: Mehraj. Journalists were beaten up and one of them detained, today, when they were covering the post-Friday prayers protests in the Old City, here at Srinagar. Umar Mehraj, who works as video journalist for Associated Press says he, along with other journalists, was covering protests when Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and local policemen start beating. He said while beating, the forces were shouting, “Uthao Uthao video ab (Shoot. Shoot video now.).” Umar says his camera was broken and they were abused too. The