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A policeman using pepper gas to disperse the protestors (not in picture) in Kashmir. By News Desk Despite clear directions from the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) against the use of pepper gas to disperse protestors, government has failed to control police and para military forces who are using the “deadly pepper gas against protestors in residential areas.” Pertinent to mention that despite the SHRC banning use of pepper gas, at least two old age persons died while as more than 30 persons including minors were shifted to hospitals after police and CRPF personnels used pepper gas in downtown areas

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By Fahad Shah World’s rank two website, facebook.com, a social networking site which has 800 million users throughout the world, in its Maps, shows the Pakistan side of Jammu and Kashmir as an independent part, naming it as “Azad Kashmir”. Another disputed state of India, Arunachal Pradesh, and Aksai Chin, a part of Jammu and Kashmir, are also shown as disputes with China with a dotted line as sharing border with both India and China. This comes after Facebook has been updating the interface and changed the users profile page to its new feature Timeline. The map is showed in