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Indian defense minister Manohar Parrikar, who will begin his two day visit to Jammu and Kashmir has said Hurriyat G Leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani should declare himself an Indian, if he wants to get a passport. Parrikar made the comments at the ‘Manthan’ conclave organised by TV channel Aaj Tak. “If he wants to apply for a passport, he will have to fill the form and declare he is Indian, that will be the first round of victory… all separatists should be made to apply for a passport,” he said. The External Affairs Ministry has rejected the passport application

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By Hilal Ahmad The roots of July 13, 1931 mutiny against occupation can be found in the restive Kashmiri psyche that has been reeling under the shackles of oppression for centuries and needed a trigger to erupt. Ironically, one of the triggers was an expose of Sir Albion Banerji, a Bengali Brahman who was a senior minister of Maharaja’s executive council. Explaining the reasons of his resignation before the media, he exposed the sectarian and autocratic character of the Dogra rule. His statement was published in English Press on March 16, 1929 creating a furore. The fearless criticism of Dogra