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    Mir Urfi Lawyer Tell us your journey to become a lawyer? I joined the legal profession as an advocate in the year 2003 when I joined the Law Firm M/S Mir Shafkat Hussain and Associates after completing post-graduation in Law from University of Kashmir. Prior to my joining the profession, I was ignorant about the socio-political scenario of Kashmir. I had a perception that situation in the Kashmir is absolutely normal and the people are living peacefully, but after I joined the bar, I realized that the people of Kashmir are the worst sufferers of the political subjugation

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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah at an interaction with youth and women in Budgam on November 7, along with Indian Union Minister for Rural Affairs Jairam Ramesh. Photograph by Nissar Ahmad/The Hindu Politics in a democratic country is supposed to be a collective execution of the policies by the representatives of the people so that it would fit in the definition of the democratic fundamentals of – “of the people, by the people and for the people”. As long as the selected or elected representatives genuinely and unequivocally push for the mandate that