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A Kashmiri child in a curfew day. Photograph by AFP/Getty Images By Wasim Nabi I forget, not everything The calm and peaceful days They never perish from my old memory The experience isn’t something everyone has It speaks a long story, a history that belongs to my side One must always remember to keep an eye on time. Time that has passed and time that is yet to come. Time can be very dangerous, and yet, time can be relief. However, there is no substitute to death.  As we enjoy life, we should feel for death. It will come. You

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The history of ideas usually credits the discourse that it analyses with coherence. If it happens to notice an irregularity in the use of words, several incompatible propositions, a set of meanings that do not adjust to one another, concepts that cannot be systematized together, then it regards it as its duty to find, at a deeper level, a principle of cohesion that organizes the discourse and restores to it its hidden unity. This law of coherence is a heuristic rule, a procedural obligation, almost a moral constraint of research: not to multiply contradictions uselessly; not to be taken in