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The night’s ghosts came prowling down All geared in a khaki gown Wielded upon by a ghost with a frown   Walloped and whacked my door that midnight O horrible! My heart drubbed in fear At the ghost’s monstrous eyes   Fear I had, for my family that was. My only son- the crown of my head, The moon in my dreams!   The khaki ghost saw its prize Pushing, pulling and dragging While I kept trying, begging and beseeching.   Whilst I, a hole in my heart now Days to months; and months to years Nothing sufficed the khaki

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Sahr Khan, the drum beater during Ramadan. [R]uben, an Australian Christian/atheist became Abu Bakr after he converted to Islam. Whilst researching about different religions what struck his mind and heart when he first visited a Mosque was a huge congregation of people of different races and colours, praying in unison to one God, hearts and bodies in oblivion to the differences that exist. Such grand is the religion of Islam; he thought and converted to Islam. Later he came to know that it was the first night of Ramadan. Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic calendar witnesses a huge

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The passage of time changes the perspectives of societies, driven by the gaining of knowledge, it takes them out of the caliginous dark into illuminating light. Time, however, can also change an opulent and prosperous society into a corrupt and despicable slum when core values of morality and conscientiousness are relinquished, leaving that society in the depths of nothingness. I fear that our society, the society of the Grand Saints, is following this latter order of time. With the sudden influx of money and with it, technology, our society, particularly our youth have failed to sensibly utilize this technology. They