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Dear Brother, first of all, I have to congratulate you, not because I am appreciative of what you have done, but because you got what you wanted to achieve. The killing of your father “just three days before the medical entrance test” must be the single-most defining event of your life, so let me start my argument from that point of departure. Before that, you must have been in possession of various strands of political and ethical narratives, some of which ran towards azadi, some towards the uses and abuses of human rights, some more towards anger on the injustices

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By Samreen Mushtaq Gulzar Wani, 23, who is the youngest of the six youth from Jammu and Kashmir to have cracked this year’s Indian Administrative Services (IAS), says corruption has become a ‘big menace in our society’ and that he would not ‘betray the trust’ of the people especially his parents by indulging in corrupt practices. He also wants to be accessible to the public and live up to the expectations of his parents. “There are a lot of other alternatives where a person can earn money. But this is a position where people are looking at me with great