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The cover of Mc Kash's self-produced debut album Rebel RepubliK Kashmir’s first-ever Hip Hop album was released, today, by 22-year old rapper MC Kash, and he also launched his official website mckashofficial.com. He has made several songs in past among which I Protest (Remembrance)- a song on the 2010 unrest of Kashmir in which more than 120 people were killed by the Indian forces, became a rage all over Kashmir and got him international attention. Rebel RepubliK is Kash’s first self-produced debut album which was released through his official website. The album features ten tracks, including the title song “Rebel RepubliK” and “Listen, My

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  The Kashmir Walla releases the, latest,  jointly sung and written song of Kashmir’s leading rapper, Mc Kash and another rapper who is based in Pune, Haze Kay. The song is called The Originals.  Produced by One Crib productions. Mc Kash and Haze Kay – The Originals Lyrics Verse 1:  Mc Kash – Flow like Jehlum , drowning competition, this verse is a curse feel a hearse on ignition, I’m worse than Papa 2 I put rappers up for torture I’m the Kashur viking blood thirsty for a slaughter, rappers up in wheel chairs haters on a stretcher, full moon

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By Zahida Parveen East or west home is best. If I will get thousand life times in this world still I will never feel like in my birth place Kashmir anywhere else. If you will ask that how is it to be in Pakistan, being away from my homeland Kashmir? I must say that it’s same as like hell. I often think about myself and try to know where I belong to. What I am doing and how I spend the lonely life here without any relatives. I mean to say no paternal or maternal relations. They all live in