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While being away from home, it is not rare to find fragments of foreign experience reminiscent of moments lived at home. These déja vu...

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  Today on the International Day on Enforced Disappearances, Jammu and Kashmir's Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) staged a peaceful sit-in protest at...

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Touted as the ‘Land of Promise’ because of its rich natural resources, Mindanao is home to more than a half of the estimated mineral...

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Thirteen years since the Pathribal Fake Encounter in Indian-controlled Kashmir's southern region, in which five people were killed, the Indian army has closed the...

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By Ikram Ullah Kashmir needs no introduction to the people on watch for the Human Rights violations in the conflicts around the world. They must...

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The Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR)- an India based group, has welcomed the report “Alleged Perpetrators” released by the International Peoples’ Tribunal on...

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Last two decades of Indian-held-Kashmir have gone through number of cases of torture, humiliation, fake encounters, disappearances, molestations, sexual assaults and other forms of...

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By Dr. Sheikh Showkat Hussain Conflict ridden areas often remain associated with large scale human right abuses. These assume horrifying proportions with highest degrees of...

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Interviewed by David Barsamian San Francisco: Among the many issues plaguing South Asia none is as violent and deeply contested as Kashmir. The major unresolved...

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Peoples Union for Democratic Rights is outraged at the brazen claim advanced by the Indian Army that let alone sanction for prosecution, no civil...


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