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Ashiq Hussain Ganai’s (29) brothers have vowed to fight for justice till their last breath. Ashiq was allegedly tortured and killed by the army in 1993.shmir Twenty-five years after the introduction of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir, the human rights body Amnesty International today said the law continues to feed a cycle of impunity for human rights violations, in its new report – Denied: Failures in accountability for human rights violations by security force personnel in Jammu and Kashmir. The report is based on in-depth research in Jammu and Kashmir, including interviews with 58

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This is a report,  Alleged Perpetrators – Stories of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir, released today by the International Peoples’ Tribunal On Human Rights And Justice In Indian-Administered Kashmir (IPTK) and Association Of Parents Of Disappeared Persons (APDP). Press release and the executive summary of the report. Srinagar, December 06, 2012 INTERNATIONAL PEOPLES’ TRIBUNAL ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND JUSTICE IN INDIAN-ADMINISTERED KASHMIR [IPTK] / ASSOCIATION OF PARENTS OF DISAPPEARED PERSONS [APDP] Press Release: announce the release of: alleged Perpetrators – Stories of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir at a press conference on Thursday, December 06, 2012, in Srinagar, Kashmir [Report available

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Continuing the arrest of minors in Kashmir valley, the Jammu and Kashmir police today, again, produced a minor boy, Manzoor Ahmad Sheikh, 16, handcuffed in a local court in Srinagar. He along with three more minors and five adults was arrested allegedly for stone throwing and was today chained with handcuffs while taken to the court. The rest 8 people had got bail but Sheikh hadn’t. The court today granted him bail. The charges against him and others were “war against nation, arson, and unlawful activities” during the protests which started against the anti-Islam video “The Innocence of Muslims”. He was in

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Family of double-rape-murder victims Asiya and Neelofer in Delhi, protesting against the CBI inquiry in the case. Photo: Kashmir Dispatch By Saima Bhat Indian-held-Kashmir is a highly militarized zone where for every citizen- the armed forces are in ratio of 1:20, the highest soldier-to-civilian ratio in the world. Women are generally targeted, they are overpowered by the perpetrators in every society and same is the case here where women have been targeted socially, mentally as well as physically. Indian forces are believed to be hyper masculine who just know how to abuse. They have always tried to attack psyche of

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Angana Chatterji Interviewed by David Barsamian San Francisco: Among the many issues plaguing South Asia none is as violent and deeply contested as Kashmir. The major unresolved issue of the disastrous British partition of India in 1947, Kashmir has been the site of wars and the threat of wars, and probably the world’s longest and most extensive military occupation. India brooks no international meditation to address the problem. What’s the problem? A lot of Kashmiris don’t want to be part of India. They didn’t in 1947 and they don’t, probably in even larger numbers, today. The U.S., champion of human