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By Shuja Malik Response to the preposterous and obnoxious write-up of Mr. Basharat Ali about the cancellation of Harud. The original article can be read at “They Brought Harud to My Voice“. Mr. Basharat, Truthfully speaking I am not able to figure out how to start my response because the last lines of your write up have rattled me but still I read them repeatedly and repeatedly to convince myself that what I had read initially is what is actually written there. I hope you understand the meaning, the impact of calling your mother/motherland a prostitute and of such a

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The Harud- literary festival, which was supposed to begin in September in Kashmir, has been postponed, organisers of the event said in a statement on Monday. The statement came after the controversy on the event since it was announced that the event will be “apolitical” and Kashmiri writers, Basharat Peer and Mirza Waheed opted not to attend the festival. It was to be hosted at the Delhi Public School and University of Kashmir. “It is with great sadness that we announce the postponement of the Harud Literary Festival. Born out of the best intentions to platform work of emerging and