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Hari Singh Eighty six years after an instant love affair blossomed at Tosamaidan in Kashmir between the Kishtawari royal beauty “Jani” and British Colonel Thorpe leading to the first British Kashmiri transnational marriage, a member of Kashmiri royalty falls in love with a British girl  but with entirely different consequences. The story is referred to briefly by Lord Birdwood and Youssef Saraf in the “Two Nation Theory and Kashmir” and “Kashmiris Fight for Freedom.” However, it is reproduced here with reference to an article by Anne de Courcy in the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, on January 10, 2002. It was

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By Shahnaz Bashir When Muslims from Punjab in 1930’s had begun to shape public opinion in Kashmiri Muslims under “Kashmir Committee” (the name hijacked by some members of Indian National Congress a few years ago to initiate a diplomatic intervention in Kashmir) shrewd ministers of Maharaja Hari Singh organized a tour of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (real name Mohiuddin Ahmad) and Tej Bahadur Sapru into the valley. The duo tried to dissuade Muslims of Kashmir from their struggle. They, like the current interlocutors, campaigned throughout Kashmir and asked people to cooperate with the Maharaja’s government. This resulted in pacifying some