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On the tarmac, I eavesdrop on Operation Tiger: Troops will burn down the garden and let the haven remain. This is home—the haven a cage surrounded by ash –the fate of Paradise.        – Agha Shahid Ali (The Country Without Post Office) What non-violent, peaceful and constitutional ways are left to your shelter to protest against your burning house, shrieks of your terrified siblings, profound silence of your sister after that helpless night, despair in the eyes of your mother speaking the uncertainty of her marital status? In past three decades many Bollywood movies have casted Kashmir in the backdrop;

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  Vishal Bhardwaj’s obsession with the Bard is common knowledge. After the seamless adaptations of Macbeth to the Mumbai underworld and Othello to the crass Uttar Pradesh heartland, Bhardwaj’s muse this time around is Hamlet. Shakespeare continues to fascinate the literary intelligentsia and laymen alike, for his plays are timeless and transcend geographical boundaries. Perhaps there couldn’t have been a more potent backdrop to Hamlet than what we have here – the tumultuous Kashmir of the 1990s. The movie both fascinates and disappoints, though in its entirety it is sure to leave the audience with a lingering feeling of uneasiness

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Shahid Kapoor in Haider. Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider is the hot topic at the Central Board of Film Certification’s office. The Shahid Kapoor-starrer is the last film to be censored by CBFC’s suspended CEO, Rakesh Kumar, who is currently in judicial custody after being accused in a bribery case. The film’s leading man famously got tonsured for the role and now Haider too has met with the scissors. The film has been passed with a U/A certificate but only after 41 cuts. The details of the cuts are mentioned on the CBFC’s official website. Some of the scenes removed as per