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A man from South Kashmir was killed in a bus entering Ahmedabad city, the Gujarat police said. Identified as Mushtaq Ahmad Khanday of Hugam-Srigufwara village in south Kashmir’s Islamabad, the family said that a few days ago he had left for Ahmadabad on a business trip. “He was walnut trader and has been murdered,” said a family member. While talking to The Kashmir Walla, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Ahmedabad, Deepan Bhadran confirmed that Khanday was found dead in the back seat of a bus two days ago. “The victim’s body was found on the back seat of

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Narendra Modi   Narendra Modi and his supporters have been challenging to fight this sixteenth Lok Sabha election on the issue of development and governance. It’s pathetic to see how neither media nor intelligentsia or political commentators of this country has not been cornering Modi over deteriorating condition of Muslims in Gujarat in development related field such as education, employment, health, etc. The conservatism of the current Gujarat government is visible most not only in case of their discriminatory policies against the Muslims on the issues related to religion or governance but also on economic issues. Our concern here is

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By Natasha Badhwar An Indian Muslim man stranded on the first floor of his house and surrounded by Hindu rioters begs to nearby police to rescue him in Ahmedabad, the main city in Gujarat, on March 1, 2002. REUTERS/Arko Datta I was single at 31. I was married at 31. I was Sahar’s new-born mother at 31. I had nightmares at 31, I had dreams at 31. That year I went to Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan, Spiti, Adilabad and Port Blair. That year I went to Gujarat. We went to the Registrar’s office together, we took my parents with us

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By Umar Khalid All historical struggles, whether they occur in the political, religious, philosophical or some other ideological domain, are in fact only the more or less clear expression of the struggles of social classes. – Engels When two events occur in the same space and time, more often than not, there is a correlation between the two. On the one hand the Indian Army, paramilitary and police forces — acting so plainly and clearly on behalf of the Indian ruling classes and multinational corporations—which continue to mount a war on the people of central and eastern India in order