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Feroz-ud-Din Mir 142 years old, who last year claimed to be the world’s oldest person by providing his birth certificate, today died at his native village in Bejihama area of North Kashmirs Baramulla district at 2 am. Last year a Local, National, and International media reported that Feroz-Ud-Din has a birth certificate issued by the government which shows his date of birth as March 10, 1872 and has more than 10 children. However Mail online also reported that staff from Guinness World Records are thought to be investigating the claim, which would make him 26 years older than Misao Okawa,

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By News Desk The Guinness World Records has four records on Jammu and Kashmir- a disputed region divided between India and Pakistan since 1947. The records are from the Indian side of the region. The Guinness World record calls Kashmir region as the “largest militarized territorial dispute” on the planet and also records that the region has “world’s highest battlefield, highest military base and the longest speech ever given to the United Nations was delivered on Kashmir.” Guinness World Records is the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement in the world. It says, according to the CIA World Factbook, the dispute between