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Prisoners inside the Guantanamo Bay. It became the unfortunate home for the refugees from Cuba and Haiti caught in the International waters during 1970s and continued the monomania through the half of 1990s when the last Haitian refugee was released in 1995 after being declared unlawful by Sterling Johnson Jr., a United States District Court Judge. The Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba turned into a flagrant rough-house of boisterous abuse and victimization after its initiation in 2002 as the detainment facility for the suspects caught during the United States’ so-called “War on Terror’. During the past 11 years of its existence as a notorious prison facility for counter terrorism

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By Iymon Ganaie Documentary films do often bring an agitation after which it is apt to shed tears. Agitation, which must be perceived as the out coming of human barbarism. Taxi To The Dark Side written and directed by Alex Gibney is one of the films, which shows the true face of human barbarism. After watching the film, I remembered German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who once said, “He who fights monsters must take care lest he become a monster.” After 9/11, United States and its allies declared a “war on terror”. It was more than a war – it was