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Switching on to any news channel is enough to understand that Europe is not at its best these days. Between the saga of the Greek financial tragedy, the migrants’ waves trying to enter the European Union, the rising extreme right movement and the diverse disastrous attacks that can erupt at any moments, the old continent is scared. Luckily, and in its pure historical European tradition, scapegoats are being found, thanks in part to corporate media and traditional political parties, always here to point fingers when needed. Greece For the Greek crisis the answer is easy: It is the fault of

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Once historical enemies, France and the United Kingdom are now aligned on several social and economic matters troubling their countries. Such phenomenon seems to have accelerated in time of the financial crisis, raging since 2008. For better or worse, the two countries have taken the habit to customarily gaze across the channel: France in order to praise the English liberal “miracle”, while UK seems to be imitating certain faction of the French political scene. If this occurrence is not likely to stop, it is however doubtful that the last recent UK general elections are a political example to follow for