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Taking inspiration from Palestinian, Tunisian, Egyptian, Bahraini, Syrian graffiti artists, the underground graffiti artists group, El-Horiah, of Kashmir has named itself after El-seed, a Tunisian graffiti artist who writes graff in Arabic. Horiah is an Arabic word for freedom in which the group says they believe in. They are a few young boys in their late teens and early 20s who have been making graffiti on the streets of Kashmir. From walls in the outskirts of Srinagar to the congested business hub Lal Chowk, the group has been sending messages for people to read and understand. One of the group members, a young

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Photos by Muhabit-ul-Haq Though everyone bowed Down before you Saying virtue and wisdom Lit your way Striking gold medals In your honour Glad to have survived another day Do not feel safe. The poet remembers. You can kill one, but Another is born. The words are written Down, the deed, the date. —Czeslaw Milosz Indeed the words are written down, profound, poignant, popular, angry words. The unjust, brutal, inhuman deeds deeply engraved in the memory. The streets of the valley are witness to the resistance; the longing for Azaadi is creatively articulated on the walls, streets, roads and even on