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A graffiti in Srinagar’s downtown area. Photograph by David Laumann The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, early this year had got its first art gallery. Worthy of its name, Gallerie One, unlatched its door to the public on 12 January 2015, creating a space where art and culture could have existed and flourished. But in a place where the unstable political atmosphere dictates the options, nothing is ever sure to last. Around a month after the Gallerie One was opened, on 23 February, it was shutdown by the government. Previously, the government had given the go ahead for

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By News Desk | Photographs by Shahid Tantray On March 15, when people came out at morning, in Srinagar city of Kashmir, they found poorly drawn graffiti on shop shutters and walls. The graffiti, addressing to the state police, had a message saying, “JKP we r [are] coming”. The police was told to deface or rub the graffiti and some policemen were seen painting over them. Meanwhile, the leading graffiti artists of Kashmir Valley who have been using graffiti as a tool to write different messages since 2008 civil uprising have denied making any such graffiti. Talking to one of

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A Bansky graffiti in Lal Chowk, Srinagar, by Kashmir’s underground graffiti artists’ group, El Horiah. By Naveed Qazi, Columnist | Srinagar, Kashmir [G]raffiti’s are colourful products of creativity, stenciled and sprayed on walls. This inscribed artistry showcases the ruminations of injustice in various forms. It fathoms art into reality, by agitations caused within a creative mind. In Kashmir, we encounter slogans written on walls and archaic stones through coal and paint. ‘We Want Freedom’, ‘I Protest’ or ‘Azaadi’ have been reminders of enslavement in different forms, as a means to protest against the occupation. However, it cannot be called as