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Kashmir is burning The King of music is gone Kashmir is burning.   Kashmir is burning The music’s power is gone Kashmir is burning.   Kashmir is burning Its music is burning It’s burning holes in my soul.   The Kashmiri Keol, Ghulam Nabi Sheikh is gone in the bemoaning cry It’s wailing snarls in my soul.   The Koel was the King of music, The music of the raging fire The fire of Kashmir’s freedom.   The Keol was peace and joy The harmony of the raging fire The fire of the Kashmiri freedom.   The Kashmiri Keol is

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By Fahad Shah Cloudy sky. Dim light. Cool breezes coming from the river Jehlum on the banks of it, maintaining a pleasant weather. A white plastic banner announcing “Tribute to a legend Ghulam Nabi Sheikh” hanging on the iron railing, glowing by candle lights, placed under it on a concrete block. Green carpet of grass is wet due to whole day rains. When the white fluorescent lamppost lights, here at Jehlum View Park at Lal Chowk, glowed: friends, colleagues, journalists, activists, relatives and nears and dears of the late singer, Ghulam Nabi Sheikh started arriving. As sun cooled down behind