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By Fahad Shah Jaipur, India While India celebrates the 64th year of the implementation of its own constitution, the majority of the people listening to an eminent panel, discussing ‘Freedom of Speech and Expression’ in the Jaipur Literature Festival, voted that “there is no freedom of expression in India”. The discussion, on third day, attended by around 5000 people (the organizers said) were asked about the freedom of expression in India. The other option “sufficient freedom of expression” too got some votes, but still lesser. It was the part of the ongoing five day festival- a carnival of literati in

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Freedom of speech always comes under the pressure of the rulers. In conflict places like Kashmir, being one of the world’s long standing conflict, restrictions on mediums of communication are a daily exercise. In 2008, when the Amarnath Land Row started in summer there were number of local cable television news channels in Valley. Channels like Vaadi TV, Sen Tv, 9 TV were known for their daily reporting of the events. State didn’t like such coverage by these channels and they ordered them to stop telecasting news for longer durations first and later they banned them completely. Many news anchors

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A man paints to hide anti-India graffiti written on the shutters of a closed shop during a curfew in Srinagar. Freedom of expression and speech is the most fundamental of all rights. This right lays the very foundation of a democratic society. It is often being said that without free political discussions and free flow of communication in the society, no public education is possible. The Indian Constitution, for a gentle reminder, also guarantees this right to its citizens. Communication – as defined by various theories and models – is the free exchange of thoughts, messages, opinions, views, or information,

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By Adil Langoo For all manners and purposes, the world in its entirety has evolved. From the time of inquisitions and heresies, from war and conquering, it has also suffered a lot. The modern world, particularly the west and democracies like India seem to have misunderstood the arguments that John Stuart Mill once gave in favor of freedom of expression. They seem to have forgotten how truth after great scrutiny does surface over time. How what we believe to be false always contains an element of truth to it. How horrible it is to sabotage freedom of expression. The world

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Bullet hole in a window in the Lebanese city of Tripoli. Sunni-Alawite armed clashes have become a regular occurrence. By Malik Al-Abdeh How do we explain the de facto civil war unfolding in Syria today? How do we predict what course it will take? How do we come up with a viable and long-term solution? A good starting point is to compare Syria with a country that bears a striking resemblance: Lebanon. This may seem surprising because the two countries (and two peoples) appear to be somewhat different. Syrians regard themselves as being superior to Lebanese because their country suppresses