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  Juventus will take on Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu tonight for a chance to play champions league finals in Berlin next month. While defending champion’s Madrid will seek a chance to defend their title, Barcelona’s presence in the finals will add an extra bite to their effort.  However, in anticipation of this Spanish bull-fight in the finals, one should not forget what is on the line for Juventus. The Turin club has 2-1 first leg advantage going into the game, thanks to Carlos Tevez’s winner from the spot and would dearly want to hang on to it. The last

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It was a bright summer day; a fairly warm Monday could also be said. Wearing my black tie and white shirt, I ran past an almost fortified building which read “RADIO KASHMIR – SRINAGAR” in bold white letters. I was running as my school’s clock had always been a bit ahead than mine, which was one of the reasons why I usually ended up arriving late, the other obvious reason was that I hated waking up early. It made a crisp sound as I stepped on the golden Chinar leaves fallen on the pavement, the Indian paramilitary camp towards my