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Anupam Kher A group of Kashmiri-American film-makers, based in Los Angeles, hope to “rebuild Kashmiriyat” through their upcoming short film The Pashmina, staring actor Anupam Kher as lead character. Directed by Kashmiri film-maker, Danish Renzu and written by Boston based award winning, Sunayana Kachroo, The Pashmina will be based on Hindu-Muslim brotherhood in the Kashmir Valley. The movie will be highlighting the early Kashmir that how Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims lived in harmony before the turmoil started in late 80s and how Kashmiri Muslims are waiting for the return of their Pandit brethren. The film-makers believe that the Kashmir was considered

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A still from the film Harud               By Fahad Shah “Whatever is going on is not your fault?” tells the father, Yusuf (Reza Naji, Iranian actor) to his son, Rafiq (Shahnawaz Bhat). Harud, means autumn in Kashmiri, is a first of its kind film on Kashmir’s brutal conflict, which has been going on for decades now. The film starts with three friends going to Kupwara, a northern district close to Line-of-control, to cross over to Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PaK) for arms training. One of them is the protagonist, Rafiq. He is a teenager, looks in his early 20s, who has this

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  Text by Ashvin Kumar The full film will be uploaded on India’s Republic Day, 26th January, 2012. This is the first seven minutes of Oscar® nominated director Ashvin Kumar’s new film “Inshallah, Kashmir: Living Terror”. This time, we will bypass the Indian censor board releasing the full-film online and free-of-charge for 24 hours at 12am, 26th of January 2012, India’s Republic Day. “Inshallah, Kashmir: Living Terror” contains shocking, heart-wrenching stories of brutality and terror by Indian armed forces and militants alike. The director says, “the prequel to this film “Inshallah, football” was banned by the Indian censor board last