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For twenty-two years, Saja Shah, her husband, and their three children have lived in a two-room rented apartment. Saja, a homemaker in her early 50s, was in the process of shifting to their newly built mud-brick house, which they had begun constructing years ago. A day before moving in, on 21 October 2012, she sat drinking tea at her brother-in-law’s house when she heard gunshots. As she sat bewildered by the proximity of the firing, she heard footsteps – as someone walking in the floor above her. The gunshots were an exchange of fire between two young militants and the

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In the Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir, despite the fact there is no legal basis and neither the public or religious scholars have elected him, “Grand Mufti” Bashir-ud-Din has been running a self-styled parallel judicial system, calling it the “Supreme Court of Islamic Shariet (Central Dar ul Futwa).” In mid 70s, Bashir-ud-din, with a post graduate degree in Arabic from the Aligarh Muslim University, was appointed “Grand Mufti” by late Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed, the state’s last Prime Minister in 1960 but recently the government mildly denied Bashir-ud-Din having any alliance with the government. For decades he has been giving diktats from

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Jana Begum In a single storey mud-brick house, she lives with her two daughters and a son. Fifty-one year old Jana Begum is one of those women whose family was caught in world’s most militarized zone, Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. She lost her four sons and her husband in the last seventeen years. Another son has been disappeared since he left home to visit his in-laws place. In 2012 summer, I went to meet Begum at her village, Devar Lolab- 120 kilometres north of Srinagar, the region’s summer capital. The village has a population of 5000 inhabitants and has been largely