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By Afroz Ahmad Shah During any earthquake a large amount of strain energy is released, which travels as waves in all directions through the layers of the Earth, reflecting and refracting at each interface. The waves are called seismic waves or earthquake waves. These are similar to sounds waves, which are created through a disturbance in materials (media), for example when we talk to anyone, our voice disturbs the air and the energy is carried away from us towards the listener. This carries energy away from its point of origin. Similarly, when we throw a pebble in a pond, it

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By Afroz Ahmad Shah Some of the past earthquakes, which have been followed by tsunamis have been of the magnitude 9.0 (1952), of Kamchatka, the magnitude 9.1 (1957), of Andrean of Islands, Alaska, the magnitude 9.5 (1960) Chile, and the magnitude 9.2 (1964), Prince William Sound, Alaska. However; the scale of destruction and the damage caused by these quakes was far less than the destruction which followed the 26th December, 2004, Aceh-Andaman earthquake and its tsunami. This catastrophe was a warning bell and it changed the perspective of people regarding earthquake dangers in oceans and therefore opened a variety of

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By Afroz Ahmad Shah Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are two of the most dangerous natural disasters, which have resulted in immense loss to life and property. However, several volcanic eruptions have also created some spectacular mountains. It is estimated that about 50 or so volcanoes erupt every year, but, only a few severely disrupt human activities. In my previous articles, I had discussed earthquakes and here I will shed some light on the genesis of volcanoes and how they affect us and the environment. Before the advent of the plate tectonic theory, various geological phenomenons were speculated for centuries together