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A woman was set ablaze by her husband in Khankah-i-Molla area of Srinagar, a police statement said. Police has registered a case against the husband and investigation has been taken up.

The statement added: “Manzeela wife of Manzoor Ahmad Wani resident Chalpan Kocha, Khankahi Molla in the jurisdiction of police station M.R. Gunj received serious burn injuries when her husband allegedly sprinkled kerosene oil on her and set her ablaze. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment.”

Srinagar police has registered a case FIR no. 43/2015 under section 307/RPC in police station M R Gunj and investigation has been taken up.

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Women protesting during 2010 mass uprising. Kashmir’s women have been called the steel magnolias, the bravest in the world. Brave for having taken every suffering, endured pain and stood up in the height of odds. They have tolerated being widowed, left with no son, ravaged off their chastity and left alone in conditions, which are unbearable for others. But what have we done for them? Apart from mentioning them in the rhetorical talks of their sufferings and praising them with beautiful sobriquets and then “the world moves on”. Once I was travelling from Lal Chowk to home in my car.