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In one of the world’s most violent conflicts, Kashmir, continues to remain under the strong presence of Indian troops. The disputed territory, an outcome of the catastrophic partition of British India, has been going through its worst phase since the late 80s after the armed rebellion for independence was started by the youth. Thousands of Kashmiri men have involuntarily disappeared during this two and a half decades. Several men are believed were arrested, taken to torture centers or the army camps from where majority of them didn’t return. A human rights organisation, Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) was

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A mother in a sit-in in Srinagar, demanding wherebouts of her missing son. Photo: Kashmir Monitor By Bisma Malik On the tenth day of every month of every year for last nearly two decades, a recreational local park of in the heart of the city turns into a mourning ground. Wailing mothers gather here in a desperate wait of their sons, who were forcibly disappeared by the Indian forces during the now 23-year-old conflict that has raked the region. Some of women hold fading photographs of their family members who vanished long ago, some wear bandannas with one liner printed

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By Samreen Mushtaq (Reporting from Delhi) On September 19, 2011, the third anniversary of the Batla House ‘Encounter’, Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association organised a program “Kashmir: Politics Of Disappearance” in the FTK Auditorium of Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. Program had two speakers and there was screening of a documentary also. Speakers Parveena Ahangar Chairperson Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) Sanjay Kak Independent Film Maker Screening of the film “Where Have You Hidden, My New Crescent Moon?” directed by Iffat Fatima. Introduction (excerpts) Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association (JTSA) has been organising such programs every year on the