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    The dramatic events that unfolded last month with the Home Ministry at the helm are an ominous portent of the sinister developments underway in today’s India. The Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, declared war against a documentary which, according to senior members of the government, was made to ‘defame’ India. As if India is not already defamed, thanks to the misogynist violence that is integral to the fabric of the Indian society. What the Home Ministry hasn’t perhaps realized is that it has defamed the country once again in the eyes of the world through such mindless statements. India’s

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A candle light vigil was held in Delhi protesting against the Delhi Rape case One day enraged with suffocation and suffering Betwixt my tradition and ambitions I looked for the evil that was creating darkness. I desperately looked out of the window, screamed and squealed Challenged the devil to come and face me. When no one turned up, I sat down, lost and disappointed   Looking for enemy, dwindling between fear and anger My moistened eyes looked for a solution. Suddenly a violent wind threw open the closed doors of my room. Fresh air startled me with joy, I had