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Karl Marx Karl Marx died on 14 March 1883 and was buried three days later at Highgate cemetery in north London. Every year a small group make their way to the cemetery to mark the death of Marx with a socialist speech. Somehow it is always images from the final period of his life that we find with us today. It is Marx, the imposing man with a beard who spent his time studying in the British Museum, that is remembered. However, with demonstrations in Seattle and even London echoing Marx’s thoughts about getting rid of capitalism altogether, perhaps we

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Never write to please, and never start off writing with the hope of winning prizes, or large amounts of money. Write what you want to write, and write what comes out of you, don’t mimic Tariq Ali has worn many hats in a long and illustrious career: novelist, film maker, journalist and political activist. He was born in 1943 and raised in Lahore in “a very old, crusty, feudal family “. His maternal grandfather, Sardar Sir Sikandar Hyat Khan led the Unionist Muslim League and was later Prime Minister of the Punjab from 1937–1942. His father, Mazhar Ali Khan was