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India gate in the capital city of India on a summer day. Photograph by newdelhi2012.blogspot.co.uk By Liz Hanna, Australian National University India is currently in the throes of yet another extreme heat event, with the death toll rising past 1,100. The current heatwave began on May 21, and is forecast to continue until May 30, with temperatures in many regions exceeding 45C, and reaching 47.6C and beyond. Delhi has now endured seven consecutive days over 44C, the worst extreme heat event recorded in a decade, according to the India Meteorological Department. Even in the mountain town of Mussoorie close to

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Screenshot of Noam Chomsky speaking at University of Massachusetts at Amherst in September 2012 By Noam Chomsky [W]hen I was thinking about these remarks, I had two topics in mind, couldn’t decide between them — actually pretty obvious ones. One topic is, what are the most important issues that we face? The second topic is, what issues are not being treated seriously — or at all — in the quadrennial frenzy now underway called an election? But I realized that there’s no problem; it’s not a hard choice: they’re the same topic. And there are reasons for it, which are