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The Kashmir conflict has shaped the unconscious psychology of the entire Indian-administered-Kashmiri population. It imposes an important question of how the current political situation in the valley has and is psychologically affecting the youth, causing many mental health problems. Accordingly, it’s the Kashmiri youth that is most affected currently since they are unable to make peace between the violent past and unstable present. The conflict has not only created a violent context to which people, especially youth respond to with mostly repressed emotions, aggression and frustration. But since the peaceful options are blocked, the Kashmir conflict defies solution causing hopelessness,

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Danish Farooq, handcuffed, taken to court on December 1, 2012. By Shahid Tantray, Photojournalist | Srinagar, Kashmir A local court in Srinagar, Kashmir, today, extended the remand of Danish Farooq Wani, a minor of 16-years-old, after he was re-arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police of Kralkhud Police Station, on November 26, allegedly for being a stone thrower. Danish was taken handcuffed to the court and was presented before the second Munsif, by the police, where his police remand was extended December 9, 2012. The hearing for his bail will be heard on December 3. He was earlier arrested on

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Danish Farooq, 16, arrested by Jammu and Kashmir Police. Photograph by Shahid Tantray This is the public statement of the Amnesty International, issued on November 30, 2012. Amnesty International is deeply concerned that authorities in Jammu and Kashmir have arbitrarily detained 16 year-old, Danish Farooq, and are treating him as an adult rather than a child. Farooq was first arrested on 19 November under sections 152, 138, 148, and 147 of the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC). All charges relate to incidents of “stone-pelting.” After three days of arbitrary detention in police custody without any legal grounds, he was produced in

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Continuing the arrest of minors in Kashmir valley, the Jammu and Kashmir police today, again, produced a minor boy, Manzoor Ahmad Sheikh, 16, handcuffed in a local court in Srinagar. He along with three more minors and five adults was arrested allegedly for stone throwing and was today chained with handcuffs while taken to the court. The rest 8 people had got bail but Sheikh hadn’t. The court today granted him bail. The charges against him and others were “war against nation, arson, and unlawful activities” during the protests which started against the anti-Islam video “The Innocence of Muslims”. He was in

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On Tuesday, police brought some handcuffed children to the city court, arrested for their alleged involvement in throwing stones. A website quoted one of the boys, saying, “We were severely beaten in the police station and all we heard from policemen were just abuses.” Below are some of those moments, which show the helplessness and ordeal of the arrested children, frozen by a photojournalist, Shahid Tantray. Handcuffed!