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Children of Conflict

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  Kashmir, the disputed region between India and Pakistan, has been going through conflict since the armed rebellion started in late 80s and has resulted in grave human rights violations, killings, torture and rapes. The children of Kashmir or the Children of Conflict have faced the wrath of government forces and the draconian laws like Public Safety act (PSA). Since the mass peaceful resistance movements of 2008, the minors of this region have been arrested, tortured, and mostly booked under the PSA and put behind the bars for months. There have been instances during which children as young as 10

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Danish Farooq, 16, arrested by Jammu and Kashmir Police. Photograph by Shahid Tantray This is the public statement of the Amnesty International, issued on November 30, 2012. Amnesty International is deeply concerned that authorities in Jammu and Kashmir have arbitrarily detained 16 year-old, Danish Farooq, and are treating him as an adult rather than a child. Farooq was first arrested on 19 November under sections 152, 138, 148, and 147 of the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC). All charges relate to incidents of “stone-pelting.” After three days of arbitrary detention in police custody without any legal grounds, he was produced in

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By Fahad Shah Ten-year-old Hafiz Parvez  wants to attend school but deems the freedom struggle even important. “I want to see Independent Kashmir then I will go school. Yeman bicharen lagevikh gool (they fired on these innocent fellows),” he said after his three neighbors were shot at by security forces. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been convulsed by a wave of protests since June this year, triggered by the death of a school student at the hands of police. Protests have been largely peaceful but their characteristic is stone-throwing. Protesting youth take to streets and cast stones on