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  The Island of Borneo, which holds the title of the third largest island in the world and was once covered in thick rainforests was and is being cleared and mined at a rate unparalleled by mankind in human history. Situated in South East Asia, and belonging to three countries, majority of the island is Indonesia’s 17,000- island archipelago. More than half of the annual global tropical timber in the world comes from logging in Borneo, much of this clearing is illegal and the land is then used for palm oil plantations, mining and agricultural land. The speed and ferocity of

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Almost half the world’s plant species and one-third of vertebrates are endemic to twenty-five “hotspots” of biodiversity on the planet, each of which has at least 1500 endemic plant species most of which has not had the opportunity to be researched for areas such as  cures to illness. What’s even more concerning is that none of these hotspots have more than one-third of their pristine habitat remaining. Previously they covered 12 percent of the land’s surface, but today this habitat covers only 1.4% of the land on earth.  Humans are clearing the planet at a unprecedented rate to man kind. These