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An old woman walks through the remains of her neighbourhood. Chaoyangmen district, Beijing. I remember the rush of excitement as I recognized the characters flashing in neon. Having spent a moderate amount of time studying them – and others that I would presumably need during the upcoming endeavour. I felt assured as I walked through the doors. “You have to try the Chinese hot pot,” a friend of mine had urged me prior to my departure. Having spent two months traveling through China by himself, he had returned with an abundance of new experiences, many of them culinary. “Chengdu has

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By C. Rohan The visit of the Prime Minister to Myanmar, the first after 25 years is marked a new chapter in India’s foreign policy. This visit is important primarily for three reasons. Firstly, India’s changing status as an emerging power and its increasing involvement in international politics; secondly, its global commitment to democracy promotion along with the United States; thirdly, to counter China. India’s self claim and to some extent, its acknowledged status as an emerging power, its involvement in international politics is bound to increase. As U.S. President Barack Obama during his visit to India pointed out, “For