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Pakistani Journalist, Beena Sarwar interviewed by David Barsamian. Cambridge, MA  18 January 2012 Beena Sarwar is an independent Pakistani journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is the Pakistan editor of Aman ki Asha (www.amankiasha.com), a joint initiative of “The News” in Pakistan and “The Times of India.” She was a producer for GEO TV, the largest 24/7 news channel in Pakistan.   Beena Sarwar Eqbal Ahmad, the noted Pakistani intellectual, activist, scholar, in a book of interviews that he and I did, Confronting Empire, expressed concern—and this is in the late 1990s—of what he called the Talibanization of Pakistan. Since his passing

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Andy McCord responding to a question at the Faiz panel. Photo: Beena Sarwar By Beena Sarwar I am no great expert on Faiz but his poetry speaks to me, touches my heart just as much as it does every other liberal, progressive, secular-minded person I know. Perhaps his poetry, with its universal messages about truth and justice, sorrows and joys that are just simply human messages, also touches some hearts that are not progressive and secular. There’s also a personal connection that was put in context last weekend at a discussion on Faiz at panel organised at the Left Forum