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Andrew Whitehead at Line of Control, while reporting from Kashmir. My most recent visit to Srinagar, last spring, came twenty years exactly after my first reporting assignment in Kashmir. It prompted me to reflect on what’s changed over that time, and what hasn’t. And to consider why I keep on coming back to Kashmir, these days from choice rather than professional duty. Ahdoo’s hotel, when I first started reporting on Kashmir, was the only option for visiting foreign journalists. Wonderfully central, but woefully connected. This was the era before mobile phones and email. There were no PCOs in Srinagar, satellite

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A parcel bomb blast in Srinagar office of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) changed the life of its then correspondent, Yusuf Jameel. He still sits in the same office but never dares to sit in the same room where he lost his friend in the blast. Jameel was born in 1958, started his career as a writer when he was in college. He used to write for his college magazine Aabshaar (in Urdu), of which he later became an editor. He was a regular contributor to Khaleej Times, Blitz (Bombay) and Munsif (Hyderabad) before joining a local daily Aftaab as